Dutch Automotive Industry magazine 2021

By virtue of their exquisite innovativeness, Dutch automotive players managed to gain an important role in the global automotive business. The recent “Dutch Automotive Industry magazine 2021” of RAI Automotive Industry NL provides an overview of a selection of these innovative companies, and Arnold & Siedsma is proud to be mentioned as a member of RAI Automotive Industry NL on page 12.

At Arnold & Siedsma, we understand that the automotive business is challenging, complex and multidisciplinary. Our dedicated Automotive team is ready and fully equipped to serve your interests and to help you protect your Intellectual Property. The team members are automotive enthusiasts by heart and have a wide range of scientific degrees extending from mechanical engineering, physics, materials and electrical engineering through to computer technology and software.

Feel free to contact us at automotive@arnold-siedsma.com or contact Raimond Haan, who often attends events of RAI Automotive Industry NL, directly.

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